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Here, tortilleros are kidnapped, but there they are being killed.

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It is a long time since Acapulco bathed in the glamor of Elizabeth Taylor's third wedding, or the sight of Elvis Presley lounging on a yacht crossing the same bay where John F. Kennedy also spent his honeymoon. Today, according to the office of Guerrero's attorney general, 40 of the 50 criminal groups active in the state maintain a presence in Acapulco.

Some boast titles that use the resort like a brand name — the Independent Cartel of Acapulco, or the United Special Forces of Acapulco. The resort has one of the highest murder rates in the country, with homicides for every , people in The city's last public security chief was dismissed after he failed to pass control examinations, known as trust tests, designed to identify possible links to organized crime.

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Miguel Flores Sonduk is the emergency substitute currently in the post. Two days after he was sworn in January a narco banner, or narcomanta , was strung up signed by a local leader known as " El Deivy.

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Flores is in charge of 1, municipal police officers. But, he says, he expects that around of those policemen will fail their next control examinations, and that are already out of action because of injuries. A further are over 70 years of age. That leaves officers to provide security for the city of around , inhabitants. He says he has no way of hiring younger and healthier agents, as he would need millions of pesos to compensate those who aren't needed anymore. He says his current budget provides barely enough to fill the tanks of patrol cars.

Two days after being sworn in as Acapulco's police chief, Miguel Flores Sonduk was mentioned in a narcomanta. Local businessmen say that at least 20 members of their union have been killed and tortilla shops have shut. We are putting order in Acapulco! When VICE News requested to go to the places where tortilla shops have been attacked by organized crime, "order" still seemed very far away.

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Getting ready to enter in areas of Acapulco where the city's threatened tortilla shops are located is like preparing to go to a war zone. First the police opt for a truck, instead of a patrol car.

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One officer stands at the front of the truck holding an automatic rifle ready for an ambush. The co-pilot sits with a pistol on his right leg and an assault rifle leaning against his left leg. As the truck makes it way through alleys, the road begins to get steeper, filled with abandoned cars, watchful young men, and graffiti indicating which group has control of the territory. It would only take two cars to block the alley and leave us at the mercy of gunmen.

Juan Ibarra, the store clerk, frightfully watches the policemen from the inside, and places himself to the wall. When he finds out we are journalists, he is relieved and able to breathe again. A Lot. I even thought you were going to The year-old man wears a shirt with the logo of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Acapulco's governing force.

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The truck begins to move again, taking us to La Laja, a place where tortilla sellers ended up in a coffin. Going there is riskier, so the police call for more reinforcements in two more trucks.

One of them drives ahead of us, and the other watches our back. The road continues to narrow. The sense of being watched is palpable. Police driving into the La Laja neighborhood move in a convoy of three trucks for reasons of security. Poor kids, they did not have a chance.

After a half an hour drive, the convoy stops in front of Los Mangos tortilla shop, a shutdown store with a burnt coin purse over the counter. The neighbors look out. One of the officers in our caravan, Octavio, tells the story of Samuel's desperate flight and ultimate death. He talks about the way the footprints were in the dirt road, he imagines the fear the young man felt as he ran, the weight pounding on his chest, he remembers the words he said when he was lying dying on the ground.

The convoy turns around and returns to Acapulco's beachfront tourist zone. Behind us we leave five threatened tortilla shops, and at least seven employees who go to work everyday without knowing if they'll return alive. Follow Oscar Balderas on Twitter: oscarbalmen. Check them out on YouTube , Facebook , and Instagram.

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