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First, be sure to check your water chemistry daily. By skipping this step you can end up having to partially or fully drain your pool to fix accumulating chemical imbalances! If you do absolutely nothing to maintain your pool chemistry, the comfortable lifespan of your pool water might be limited to a few days each week. Ultimately, not testing can cost you more time and more money. Second, if your pool is in direct sunlight, you will need to process your water treatment in the evening, or after the sun has set. Direct sunlight on your pool will dissipate the chlorine before it has a chance to fully dissolve, thus causing more work and expense for you the very next day.

Many people turn to liquid chlorine household bleach as a chlorination option, while others use stabilized chlorine tablets or granular shock. Before using any method, be sure to test your water chemistry to see where you're starting.

Pay most attention to the free chlorine ppm Parts Per Million. The normal range should be between ppm, assuming relatively "fresh" pool water. Wait until after the sun sets to chlorinate your pool. Make sure to hold the bottle far away from your body while adding liquid chlorine to your pool try not to fall in.

Be sure to hold the bottle close to the pool water to avoid splashing - liquid chlorine will immediately and irreversibly bleach clothing. You will want to add the liquid chlorine to the deep end of the pool to help distribute the chemical. Leave the pool uncovered and pump running for at least an hour after adding the chlorine. Now, check the water chemistry first thing in the morning.

Make sure the chlorine level is within the normal range of ppm, and repeat as needed. The purpose of Cyanuric Acid is to prevent sunlight from rapidly breaking down chlorine - it acts like SPF sunscreen for your pool! All trichlor tabs, di-chlor shock, and cal-hypo shock have CYA in them.

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You want to keep the CYA within ppm for standard chlorination; For a salt system you want it between ppm. If the CYA is too high the best solution is to partially drain the pool and refill with fresh water. If the CYA is too low, chlorine will burn off faster from solar oxidation. Customer: What is the shelf life of shock? Pool Supply World: If stored properly, the lifespan of the chlorine should be about years.

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