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Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Prakaash Jumaani. The Housing. OYO Rooms and Grofers, two relatively young Indian start-ups backed by a truckload of venture capital, have recently made it to a list of 50 start-ups globally that are tipped to be the next unicorns. Delhi-based budget stay aggregator Oravel Stays Pvt. Grofers, owned by Gurgaon-based Locodel Solutions Pvt.

Ltd, is a hyperlocal delivery start-up that enables users to order groceries and other essentials through its mobile app. Unlike their predecessors in the so-called unicorn club, the path to those billion dollar valuations will be slower. Investors, notably venture capital firms, hedge funds and strategic investors such as SoftBank, are taking more time to close new funding rounds.

Talks have been on since March. Then there are the private equity funds, late-stage investors that have so far stayed on the sidelines but are gradually getting interested in mature start-ups. Still, the next few months will see investors, particularly venture capitalists, err on the side of caution.

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One, investors have started rightsizing existing portfolios. This will see them separating the laggards from the winners. Expect some write-offs and sell-offs to be announced over the coming months. A couple of deals in the fashion e-commerce sector are on the verge of being written off. Even the emerging hyperlocal services category—food and grocery delivery, home services, property search—is beginning to see a correction. Two, while they go slow on committing fresh capital to mature start-ups, investors will move more aggressively into seed deals when it comes to making new investments.

By making small bets, early enough, investors can enter new companies at lower valuations. But new contenders to the unicorn club will have to work harder than their predecessors to get in their next rounds. Investors will also be working hard to ensure their investees are chasing real business metrics rather than paper valuations. Contrarian View on E-commerce prospects in India. The reality of Indian e-commerce that Jack Ma should know. Despite comparisions between India and China, the way internet is accessed tells a tale of two very different countries.

Jack Ma blew through Delhi recently and is already planning a return visit later this month. India certainly has plenty of promise. Like China, it has a 1 billion-plus population. Everywhere you look, from furniture sites to taxi apps, from online grocery stores to fashion e-tailers, there are articulate entrepreneurs spinning exponential growth stories.

Ma should look before he leaps. On Thursday, the global consultancy A. India is not even ranked. The country ranked 83rd out of countries in the ranking that measured internet users in the country, the availability of secure servers and credit card penetration. Only 20 mn Indians have third generation mobile services, which is essential for multimedia content. The average broadband speed is 2Mbps, putting India th globally, which is the lowest in Asia, according to IndiaSpend, citing the US technology company Akamai.

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The way the internet is accessed tells a tale of two very different countries, however. Only 2 to 5 per cent of those on the internet In India are regular users, in the sense of using it to conduct their daily lives. Because credit cards are used by only 1. Warehouse space in our densely packed cities is next to impossible to obtain, not least because real estate often costs what it does in the developed world.

In India, by contrast, Amazon and Google are already well entrenched. Flipkart is certainly bigger than Amazon but the stiff competition is making the company bleed. To be fair, Amazon itself has had a very hit and miss relationship with profitability. Taking that as its cue, Indian e commerce entrepreneurs dismiss questions about profits as a sign of the lack of maturity in India. In the glass-always-brimming world of Indian e-commerce entrepreneurs, the wide use of phones to access the internet rather than computers is called leap-frogging; seven out of eight Indian users access the net on mobile phones because less than 5 per cent of Indians have access to computers.

What this points to is likely lower spending by consumers. Perhaps Indians can surmount the slow speeds on their smartphones to transact on the internet if they have enough patience. But, how will vast sections of the population shop online without the money to pay for the goods on their screens?

Oracle vs peoplesoft Introduction On January 07, , Oracle Corporation, the second largest software company in the world,announced that it would acquire PeopleSoft Inc. Post-merger, Oracle would emerge as the second largest manufacturer of business application software in the world. Oracle first made its hostile bid to acquire PeopleSoft on June 06, The acquisition was unique in many ways. It also led to debates regarding the use of poison pills and whether prevailing regulations required a review. It brought defeat to the US Department of Justice DOJ in an antitrust case, thus encouraging bigger consolidations in the software industry, in future.

It was also one of the most widely analyzed acquisitions due to the hostility involved, its huge scale, multiple litigations, and the deal price. They started providing consulting for a handful of corporate clients. Though IBM was itself unconvinced by the commercial viability of the model, Ellison was fascinated by the concept and was struck by its business potential. He decided to commercialize the technology of relational databases. The company released its first database program compatible with both mainframe and desktop computer systems. In ,. In , when the packaged business application segment was just taking shape,Oracle launched its business application division and thereafter released its financial and project-management modules.

A year later, in , the company released its Oracle Database Version 6 with new features like online backup, but the version fell short of market expectations on the reliability aspect. However, the third quarter of fiscal was a bad quarter for Oracle as the company posted its first losses after years of growth. The market capitalization of the company fell by 80 percent and it was on the verge of bankruptcy. Industry observers commented that the company's grow-at-all-costs policy was the cause of the debacle. The general economic slowdown also contributed to the loss, and the values of other companies like Apple, Cisco, and Intel, also dropped.

Ellison replaced most of the executive management.

Soon after, however, the company released its new product Oracle 7 with advanced features including performance enhancement, administrative utilities, application development tools, security, stored procedures, and triggers. The product became an instant success, reviving the sagging fortunes of the company. In , Oracle became one of the first large software companies to announce an Internet strategywhen Ellison introduced the network computer concept at an IDC conference in Paris. In , Oracle 8 was released. It had SQL object technology, Internet technology and support for terabytes of data.

Oracle released the Internet version in , naming the product Oracle 8i. The version Oracle 9i was introduced in Oracle was thus the first company to deploy percent Internet-enabled enterprise software. Oracle had two major businesses software and service , which were further organized into five operating segments.

The services business comprised three operating segments including consulting, advanced product services, and education.

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PeopleSoft was co-founded by Duffield and Ken Morris in It was a pioneering innovation that started the client-server revolution in the industry. It came out with its IPO and also introduced financial management products. In , PeopleSoft achieved a major breakthrough with the launch of PeopleSoft 8. It became the first enterprise applications software6 company to provide Pure Internet Architecture with no client code. PeopleSoft 8 included 60 new collaborative applications and more than re-architected applications. By , PeopleSoft offered integrated software applications in customer relationship.

Within each of these areas, a variety of software modules provided various functions. In the late s, the technology boom led to the rapid growth of the global software industry,which witnessed a mushrooming of numerous specialized business-software developers. With the industry facing a recession in the early s, there were too many software vendors but not enough paying customers.

The enterprise applications business was facing a downturn, especially at the high end of the market. Industry research firms like AMR Research AMR projected that new software license sale for core enterprise resource applications would increase by just 3 percent. For the fiscal ,Goldman Sachs revised its growth in technology spending estimates from 2. Many existing software users modified, upgraded, or even reinstalled the software to avoid making investments on new software deployment.

Oracle wanted to tap into new growth businesses by acquiring PeopleSoft. It wanted to target. It could also become strong in segments like healthcare and government as PeopleSoft had numerous customers in these segments. These could generate substantial profits for Oracle in the near future. Some analysts felt that Oracle could improve on its own technology by acquiring PeopleSoft.

But most others disagreed with this view. Analysts commented that the acquisition would help Oracle in acquiring market share as well as eliminating a close competitor to narrow its market share gap with SAP. It also charged Oracle with disrupting its ongoing acquisition of JD Edwards.

Two days later, PeopleSoft again rejected the offer. Five days later, PeopleSoft turned down the offer. PeopleSoft again rejected the offer twelve days later. PeopleSoft had instituted its poison pill defense in CAP was adopted in June after Oracle had made its first takeover bid. All through the battle to acquire PeopleSoft, customers were concerned that they would have to move to a pure Oracle platform.

Fears were also expressed that the maintenance pricing would move up over time, after the merger. However, some analysts felt that the acquisition would benefit customers. The continuing aggregation of varied software products could solve the major problem of product integration.

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Organizations had to frequently spend more on getting different brands of enterprise software to exchange data smoothly. These applications could become easier to install and use if they belonged to one software company. In light of the significant confusion over the Oracle-PeopleSoft merger, analysts felt that competitors such as SAP would stand to benefit. Due to the prolonged uncertainties because of the takeover tussle, SAP found it easy to acquire new customers.

Oracle will be doing that while battling a strong competitor like SAP. The fact that PeopleSoft was not able to successfully integrate JD Edwards added to the complexity of this acquisition. Analysts said that as far as the integration issues were concerned, Oracle had to deal with both PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. Moreover, Oracle and PeopleSoft had fundamentally different approaches to systems design. While Oracle built applications very close to its core database technology with stored procedures and triggers, PeopleSoft enabled its applications to run on multiple platforms.

Industry experts felt that reconciling this difference would be a tough task. The new entity would have a 50,strong workforce to manage. Issues relating to cultural integration had to be sorted out too since both companies had different cultures. Execution is very difficult. It had never pursued acquisitions as a major strategy in its business model.

Oracle announced that in its efforts to successfully integrate PeopleSoft, it would pursue a few initiatives on the workforce, customer support, and product integration fronts. The company announced that it would reduce its combined workforce by percent, and this would be executed for both PeopleSoft and Oracle employees. The company issued an estimated timeline for future versions of PeopleSoft and JD Edwards products and also announced its plans to provide customer support for these products.

It would be based on an architecture that would be modularized for flexible deployment, better performance, and easy maintenance.

In the long term, Oracle planned to transfer various functions to its own E-Business Suite 11i, making it a more advanced set of applications. The acquisition is cash free and debt free, according to Lupin. The acquisition enhances Lupin's scale in the US generic market and also broadens its pipeline in dermatology, controlled substance products and other high-value and niche generics, it stated. This is a pivotal acquisition for Lupin as it aligns with our goal to expand and deepen our US presence. GAVIS has a strong track record of delivering highly differentiated products in a short time and is poised for continued strong growth as it delivers on its existing pipeline..

The deal comes at a time Lupin's US sales took a hit owing to fewer launches. The company reported a The company's US sales fell 26 per cent to Rs 1, Later in it was sold off. Sadly, the company is mistaken. Microsoft's problem isn't that it has too little technology; it has too much. And it has too many smart people whose talent is being wasted. Instead of expanding, it needs to be disbanding its divisions and dismantling its bureaucracy. This will give its innovators the freedom to take risks and do what they do best.

IBM was focused on a single market: the enterprise. It was able to sell hardware, software, and services to a customer base it knew; breaking up the company would have led to disaster. Each requires its own marketing strategy, pricing structure, and array of products—which often conflict with each other. It has lost ground in practically every emerging field, including mobile computing, music players, smartphones, search, and social networking. Yes, it has had an odd success or two, such as the Xbox, but these are just flukes. To put it simply, Microsoft has become a grumpy old giant, obsessed with defending its ageing products.

Buying more products won't help it--it will just create indigestion. I believe that the best path forward for Microsoft is to break itself up into a number of stripped-down and aggressive companies. These need to be free to compete with upstarts in Silicon Valley and with each other. Microsoft certainly has the talent to do this. But, sadly, it is being wasted.

It hired the best of the best. My former students and friends who work at Microsoft tell me that they are stifled by its bureaucracy, turf wars, and central planning. Employees are rated on a bell curve in each department, so if they happen to work with superstars, they get graded poorly. Instead of working together and helping one other, they work hard to make sure that their colleagues do not work hard.

And, with reviews being every six months, the focus is always on the short term. This is the opposite of the culture you find in Silicon Valley startups—where employees work day and night to battle a common enemy. They are motivated by the stock that the company gives them—so everyone wins if the company does well.

Microsoft no longer has such a currency—its stock has remained flat for longer than a decade. Windows RT, which is the version of Windows 8 that was designed for tablet computers, has a beautiful user interface and functionality. This is more than what lower-end tablets will soon cost, and it competes directly with Android — which Google gives away. To maintain consistency with the desktop version of Windows 8, Microsoft added to it the same tiled user interface that was designed for tablets with touch screens.

So, both products failed to gain widespread market acceptance. If Microsoft had allowed its tablet operating system group to act independently, they would probably have taken Google head-on by giving RT away. They could have made money by charging for special features and apps such as Office. Will Microsoft figure all this out?

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I am not hopeful. It is presently looking for a replacement for Steve Ballmer and it announced the Nokia acquisition. Any new executive coming in will try to fortify his empire, not disband it. Meanwhile, the PC market—which Microsoft is vigorously defending—will continue to lose market share to tablets, which are becoming cheaper and cheaper and adding cell phone functionality.

Windows RT and Surface tablets will slip into oblivion. The prices of smart phones will also drop. And Microsoft will continue to miss out on new market opportunities, because it needs to protect existing markets. Sadly, it is more likely than not that Microsoft will go the way of Kodak, RIM, and Nokia—all of which tanked because they were busy protecting old turf. Write off News started coming as early as April That's before you even factor in all the other costs of doing business, like marketing.

Even with the overall number of phones sold going up, it's not a great way to run a business, and Microsoft is warning investors that change is coming. That was basically the entire value of aQuantive, which it bought in Subscription required. Computerworld reports that the company usually does these calculations around May - toward the end of its fiscal year, which is June 30 - so this write-off could happen as early as July of this year.

Microsoft's Phone Hardware division can't seem to catch a break. On the other hand, Microsoft hasn't abandoned making phones entirely, as it continues to market its Lumia line as a low-cost alternative to pricey Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices to some success - something that wouldn't have been possible without this acquisition. Still, it's a struggling business for Microsoft. Motorola was Google's biggest acquisition by far and was hailed by the company as an example of the big bets Page was unafraid to make.

Yet Motorola has continued to bleed money, aggravating shareholders and stock analysts, and its new flagship phone, the Moto X, did not sell as well as expected.

get link The deal is not a total financial loss for the extremely wealthy Google. Still, it is a sign of the fits and starts the company is experiencing as it navigates business in the mobile age, which has upended technology companies of all types. In addition to using Motorola's patents to defend itself in the mobile patent wars, Google pledged to reinvent mobile hardware with Motorola's new phones and directly compete with Apple by owning both mobile hardware and software. Yet while Google's business depends on phones getting into the hands of more people around the world, it benefits from selling the ads on those phones, not the phones themselves.

Selling Motorola is an acknowledgment that Google is better off focusing on its core competencies - making software and selling ads - particularly as the profit margins for phones are shrinking overall. Analysts have described the patents as the most valuable part of the acquisition, worth several billion dollars alone because they are firepower for Google to defend its Android mobile operating system.

Google's share price climbed 2 percent in after-hours trading after the announcement, a day before the company was set to announce its fourth-quarter earnings. In an interview, Wai Ming Wong, Lenovo's chief financial officer, said the deal would feed the company's "PC-plus" strategy. Motorola, which has a storied history as the maker of the first commercial cellphone, more recently fell behind rivals like Apple and Samsung.

Page announced the deal to acquire Motorola just months after he reclaimed his position as chief executive of Google, and he appointed Dennis Woodside, who previously ran Google's sales and operations, as Motorola Mobility's chief executive. Woodside said he would focus on just a few new phones instead of the old lineup of dozens. Yet the phones did not sell as well as expected, and Motorola continued to lose money despite drastic cost-cutting. He also played up the benefits of the sale for Google's Android system, saying that getting rid of Motorola would enable it to focus more on Android and that Lenovo would use Motorola to expand Android globally.

It is unclear exactly how much money Google lost on the Motorola deal overall. Google is also retaining a small division working on cutting-edge technologies, led by Regina Dugan, who was hired from the government's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Lenovo's shopping spree may be driven by the necessity of moving into other markets.

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Last year, the world PC market contracted by 10 percent, to In the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung have taken share from almost all other suppliers. What are the different payment options? Whether you want change or are short of it, we have all sorts of payment options! What is the minimum order value? There is no minimum order value but hey! How can I cancel my order? You may call our customer care center and cancel your order at any point of time. We will send you an sms confirming your cancellation. Their cancellation policy is pretty cool. You can even cancel until its delivered.

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