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Just done some reading up on this and wow I can see how it will impact on existing users. I have a number of friends using the nest thermostat and I don't think this will please them.

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An example of how this change will affect me is that currently my family use a iPhone app called QuickControl. Works like a charm now but will stop in a few months when the api is disabled. Great recommendation, thanks. For people who need small quantities packs , check out Less2Build on eBay for their Firmahold first fix packs. However otherwise they are cheapest about and quick delivery. If it uses the same nails and gas as the original paslode im then take a look at bulldog fixings they are the cheapest place for nails, been using them for around 2 years without any issues.

Waste of time Tried ringing them back a couple of times. No answer either time. Left message. No call back yet. Received my nicely packed nest today. How do tell date of manufacture for 10 year lifespan. Without opening box. Can can anybody confirm this by checking the box and have looked at date please?

Have kids so outsourcing might be prudent. Nest hasn't launched anything new on the developer platform since April , inc no release notes , they also havn't updated their API for the newer Nest E which makes everyone think something big is coming soon, Google have an event in april which it might be launched at. I have a nest 3rd gen and i really like it, personally I might wait for a few months if i were looking for a new one today. Yep that what prompt me to have a look at my own wires at home but it wasn't the same.

Yep got a pro to do mine, as the link box it comes with needed some heavy work with my water tank on the 1st floor. Same here, my wires looked all different too. I looked at doing it myself but realised when I took my old thermostate off the wall the wires were all different. The videos on youtube referrer to American home systems!

I never understand why they feel it necessary to charge more for a different colour Nice spot by the way for those wanting grey!! Probably right. And I expect he's got a T6 or transit custom and starts work at FYI opened one of mine and it's manufacture is July so definitely isn't old stock.

In terms of alarms, maybe you have a CO leak in your house Mine has never gone off unexpectedly, even when cooking it's been pretty good placed meter from hob in open plan. The light is a really good feature, lights the hall for guests when they go to toilet in the night! Brilliant, was about to buy 3x 2. All fitted, look good and work fine. Now need to update the fused spurs lol. Thanks to the OP for posting these, just to let people know the image displayed is incorrect and these have screwheads displayed.

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Nicolas: As in if I changed the sockets in the room to this I ld want a matching light switch too, cheers I called local Travis Perkins to check the same thing. The guy at the branch informed they don't do switches with same finish. You want me to elaborate the fact that I prefer the battery version? It's not rocket science and it's my opinion. What needs to be elaborated? If you must. It's simply that a battery powered one can be placed anywhere.

You are not restricted to somewhere with a v supply. Nest Protect devices "talk" to each other using a mixture of Bluetooth LE and wireless. The wired versus battery choice is purely about how the unit gets its power and has no bearing on how the units communicate with each other. You can easily mix wired and wireless variants with no issues at all. The lights are also very useful - the white light turns on if you approach a unit in darkness and provides enough light to safely pass - e.

You also have the peace of mind that the units test themselves daily and give you the green light at night to show all is well. The battery variants need six lithium AA-sized batteries which aren't cheap but I've had my protects for about 3 years now and only changed the batteries once so they last. You can eek more life out of the batteries by disabling some of the features like the lighting but that takes away one of the benefits of having them installed IMO.

Nest is also integrated into a wide range of home automation platforms too, mine is hooked into my Domoticz platform where I can trigger events based on an alarm for example turning on all the Philips Hue lights in the house or shutting off the boiler if there was a CO alarm. Is it worth getting mm thickness and double laying it? As mm 8. Made from recycled glass bottles apparently. This is good paint, I use it on walls and ceilings white Nice and thick with good coverage, much better than standard paint. Don't know about the price but disappointed that not a record as per my keyword feed shock.

Mine too, however on closer inspection it looks like one it's included! If you look at the picture on the side of the box there is no bit holder in the screwdriver bit set. Makes no sense at all but at least you know you're not missing anything. Electricians get so elitist sometimes, and alarmist Most of the training you get is for installations much greater than home environment. If there is an undetected fault condition exposed from adding a couple of USB chargers to a circuit, who's fault is that?

The certificates you get don't necessarily mean you actually fully understand anything, just that you remember aspects of the training you had. Likewise, someone who has passed his driving test doesn't make them a good driver. We all know electricity can kill you if the dangers are not respected. Then again, so can falling asleep in the bath. If you're stupid enough to work on or touch live wires when changing a socket, or decide to take a bath when you can't keep your eyes open Yes I have.

Look at my other replies It's a fast charger which will only charge fast if it's connected to the adaptor, connecting through a direct USB connection takes hours. How is this news, I have no idea. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features.

By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree. Posted 1st Oct Posted 1st Oct. Know more, worry less.

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The new Nest Protect looks for fast burning fires, slow, smoldering fires and invisible carbon monoxide. It speaks up to tell you what the problem is and whe… Read more. GunMetal Some others are saying things like "not too expensive to save a life" etc. Powerful heavy duty ultra compact drill.

The Brushless motor delivers reduced friction and better runtime which enables more power to be delivered during application. This results … Read more. Wizzfizz My drills are the same, they all have wobble like you've describe. The wobble has no negative impact on the use of the drill though y v2kisad Got this one today. Posted 25th Jun Posted 25th Jun. Good price compared to elsewhere. The Brushless motor delivers reduced friction and better runtime which enables more power to be delivere… Read more.

Stick with DeWalt. Wizzfizz Not a bad price, Tool station did it around the same price a couple of months ago. Posted 1st May Posted 1st May. I've just put in a price match with JL Benny5 Thanks. Instore only travis perkins london city old street. X3R3S Great recommendation, thanks.

Thanks page Thanks I would if I paid for fixings. The company I sub contract to provide them illy If it uses the same nails and gas as the original paslode im then take a look at bulldog fixings they are the cheapest place for nails, been using them for around 2 years without any issues Argyll68 I have both and they are great. Posted 4th Mar Posted 4th Mar. Deal Alerts! Want the hottest deals in your inbox?

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Subscribe to receive an overview of the hottest deals posted each day. Posted 18th Feb Posted 18th Feb. I simply was questioning the price as maybe i had not been aware of a change. Then i quickly done the math, i was being charged the per piece amount for every piece in the pan, when the cashier became flat rude- when i asked to wait a minute before running my card, at that point.

In addition to- my pending purchase did qualify for a buy one piece of pie, get one free- although the clearly irritated staff had began huffing, rolling her eyes at me while shaking her head no.. I opted to leave the store empty handed and quite upset as i do enjoy frequenting this restaurant. A sale was lost immediately, and i am very uncomfortable with the thought of returning in the future.

I love Perkins and there fresh bake goods I come once a month for my mom and by here a muffin. The food at Perkins is just great and the waitresses are really great helpful.

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We go there after going to the doctor and it is a real treat and something to look forward to. Service is exceptional, they have great food. The bakery items are the best in the area. Great service.

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Staci was an awesome waitress. Potato pancakes were great too. Will be back soon. The store is clean and the waitstaff has always been very nice. View Coupon. Get Offer. Details: With any entree purchase every Monday 11am to 9pm.

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Details: See the kids breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Details: Don't miss out on these low prices. See More Offers. Start Shopping at PerkinsRestaurants. Reveal Code. From Charleston Epicurean Free Shipping on any order. Share the savings! Get Started.

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