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OMG — A gluten free mint cookie people! It's the perfect treat, and trust me, Just the Right Amount of Wrong.

Buy Now. A delicious chocolate wafer cookies with vanilla creme filling Buttery bits of toffee, caramelized crispy rice, and mini chocolate chips.

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We asked our devoted community to list the cookies you loved most as a kid. Fudge Striped rose straight to the top. So here it is. A dark cocoa brownie, packed with chunks of semi-sweet Belgium chocolate. Not overly sweet. Brand new vanilla cookie.


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I will get my Quickbooks plugin built by them as soon as I can create a budget for it. Thank you DTW.

Frank William. I run a small printing company and initially hired a company from China to add an online printing price calculator to our website. After trying to deliver for months they failed is when I hired DTW to do the same task plus to put our entire static website in Drupal as my research said it would be the best CMS for such demanding work.

DTW has made us a mobile responsive website that does the calculation according to the formula I provided them with perfectly! It took longer than anticipated as the price calculating formula was much more complex than it looked also as we changed the formula quite a bit along the way but we are very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend DTW for any custom mathematical widget or extension for Drupal. Dutch Bildrman.

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I am a skilled tradesman and normally, I get all my business through referrals. Since I don't get a lot of my customers asking to see samples of my previous work, I thought it may be best to put them on a website so I can show them to the refers as well as maybe get some new business. I found DTW by searching on Google. I contacted a gentleman named Ray who was a tremendous help. Not only did they built me a nice but inexpensive Wordpress website, Ray also took the time to teach me how to market myself over the Internet.

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I was previously clueless as to how it all worked. Very helpful guys! Two thumbs up! Sharon Brown. Design Toronto web is totally rad. We have an old Joomla 1. We needed to add couple more dynamic pages to the site but to our surprise, first few companies we hired failed to deliver. Turns out it's not such a simple task after all like we thought and php version used being obsolete adds to the complexity so only very few well qualified companies could do these type of work.

We found among the few companies we contacted that the Design Toronto Web team was the most affordable. They completed the task successfully and on time. We will be engaging their services for sure when we want to upgrade our Joomla version to the latest one. They are top of the line and I'll recommend them any time of day!

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Angel Marina. DTW team is really good.

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My site was seriously outdated and used a very old version of Joomla, however, had quite a few custom extensions to display custom data that I have collected over years. DTW developers upgraded Joomla to the latest and upgraded all the extensions including the custom ones. Throughout the project they communicated the issues with me very well. Thanks to have found this team of Joomla experts. They have earned my loyalty.

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Charles Williams. Working with the Design Toronto Web has been a most pleasant experience! Their dedication and passion for what they do is exemplified by their unrivaled customer support and attentiveness to the specific needs of our business. We look forward to a long lasting and prosperous relationship with Design Toronto Web. Richard Sullivan. Mandip Jagdeo.

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